Lip volume



Many people find they are not satisfied with the size of their lips, fillers offer a low risk, non-permanent way to enhance the size.  You will be offered the chance to have the lips  'frozen' with dental anaesthetic so that the actual procedure of injecting fillers is painless.

 We use Teosyl Brand Fillers to give you the best results. For a more natural result we recommend 0.5ml 

Lip definition



This procedure can benefit patients with less defined lip shape from aging; as well as younger patients seeking lip enhancement.  Injections of filler are placed in the vermillion border which separates the body of the lip from the skin.  


A given lip shape can only be enhanced with dermal filler treatment, it cannot be altered into another lip shape.


Avoid this treatment if you have a very thin, diminutive upper lip as filler treatment along the border in this situation can lead to projection of the upper lip and an unaesthetic outcome. 


Typically one syringe is enough to treat both upper and lower borders.  


Recommended filler: Teosyal Global Action, Teosyal RHA




LIP FILLER    0.5ml

LIP FILLER     1ML .                                                    £220














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